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Friday, December 26, 2008

Your Opinion

Hey Readers,
Sorry I havn't posted in a while.
I need your help with somthing,some people think that I should shut down this blog if i don't update anymore.I am not sure if i should do this because I really enjoy running this blog,it's just that i've been SUPER busy lately and not had really any time to maintain it.
So what do you think...should I shut down this blog once and for all?
Should I get some helpers?
Please give me your opinion in the comment box
-Mega Dude1 (The Extreme Dude?)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Fair!

Hey Everybody,Sorry This is Late,I've Been Busy With School Lately But Here's The Fall Fair Overview
First of All You Have 6 Games That You Play to Earn Tickets with 2 Extra Games For Members in The Arcade Zone.Once You Have Earned The Tickets You Can Spend Them On 4 Non-Member Items and 3 Member Items,With More Prizes to Come Soon.In My Opinion The Best Game To Earn Tickets is the Grab and Spin,Which You Can Earn up to 300 Tickets in One Game.Make Sure You Spend Your Tickets Because If You Log Off You Go Back To ZERO Tickets.
-Mega Dude1

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hey Everyone,I'm Finally Back To Blogging.I've Had A Really Busy Last Couple of Months.But Now I Will Once Again Be Back To Giving You Club Penguin Cheats and Events.
Hope You Enjoy
-Mega Dude1(The Extreme Dude)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Play,Rockhopper And Scavenger Hunt

Hey All, A Scavenger Hunt is in Process To Star Click The Paper Boat In The Top Right Corner of Your Screen Also Rockhopper Has Arrived With His Wicked Awesome Rare Items
And The New Play Team Blue's Rally 2 Is At The Stage, If You Throw Snowballs It Will Throw Dodgeballs,Pretty Gnarly

Newspaper and Ray Toolbear Leaving Party

Hey Guyz! Here are a few cool stuff from the latest Penguin Times! First Off, we have:


There are gonna be Penguin Games on Club Penguin! Most probably associated with sports!

This event begins on AUGUST 22nd


Apparently, Rory the Construction Worker has lost some important plans of some sort. We have to help him find the missing papers! For that, Club Penguin has set up a Scavenger Hunt! Its gonna be great! All updates will be available tomorrow!

Scavenger Hunt takes place tomorrow. ( 8-8-2008 )

Guess what? The battle of the Teams resumes!


Yep thats right! The battle of the Blue Team and the Red Team resumes tomorrow in the Stage! Be sure to check at the stage TOMORROW.


make avatar

If You Can't See The Party Info it Is:

Server: Fjord
Room: Beach
Date: Friday, August 8, 2008
Time: 9:30 am CPTZ

In addition the first person to send Ray Toolbear a Card gets a rare penguin. Its 759 days old.

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Pin August 1, 2008, New Clothing Catalog August Cheats 2008 And Rockhopper!

Hey Guyz! The new pin was released earlier on, and its the Vinyl Record Pin!!


There was also a new clothing catalog released earlier on!! Here are the extreme cheats!!


To get the Jade Necklace, just click on the blue portion of the Glacier Suit!


Click on the hair of the guy with the Supernova Suit, and you will obtain the red viking helmet!

In order to obtain the blue viking helmet, just open and close the icon of the red viking helmet above, three times, and you will have the blue viking helmet!


Click on the purple tabard to obtain the woodsman hat.


Click on the pink sneakers in order to obtain the Mixed Bracelets!

And also check out Rockhopper!! He has appeared in the telescope! Hopefully he brings back a new item!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ray Toolbear

I'm a new author on this blog. You will Hear from me a lot. And If You Don't I'll Get Fired So Comment And Tell What You Think Of Me!